Every year, Farnham Carnival has a fresh, exciting theme. The Parade reflects this, by providing the perfect opportunity for participants to get use your enthusiasm and creativity in reflecting each theme, bringing noise, colour and fun to the town centre. Typically we have around 50 entries, including schools, youth and charitable organisations, adult groups and businesses, as well as individual entries.

In 2024, the theme is Keep Farnham Active in partnership with Farnham Sports Council who are celebrating their 50th anniversary. 

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Each year, the Parade starts from the Upper Hart Car Park at 6.00 pm on the last Saturday in June (this year it is on 29h June). It winds its way around the centre of Farnham before returning to the Hart at around 7.30 pm.

The answer is simple – Farnham Carnival is for everyone!  We encourage schools, youth and charitable organisations, clubs, individuals and businesses to take part. The number of entries is typically around 45-50 and these vary enormously: some include 100+ children, some bring along animals, others involve just a few jolly adults. There is also usually a wide variety of vehicles, from classic and vintage cars to buses, trucks and motorcycles. In other words, the more diverse the Parade, the better!

Every year is different. For this year, the theme is Keep Farnham Active. We then encourage participants to interpret the theme as widely and as interestingly as they wish.

We don’t think so. In the past we’ve had everyone, from one-year-olds wheeled along by their parents to a lady well into her 90’s who insisted on walking round the full Parade route. Enthusiasm rather than age is the only requirement!

In summary we all love to see the young and not so young showing off their talents, with amazing visual presentations watched by thousands of excited spectators. Just as long as there’s a lot of colour, noise and fun!

The money collected by the Parade participants as they walk around the route is first returned to the organisers and then the entire amount is divided up between the schools, youth groups and charities that have taken part. So, if you are a spectator, please give generously – bring a bag of coins, although notes are of course also welcome! And this year, in keeping up with the times, there’ll also be opportunities to donate electronically.

Along with the rest of the town, it’s a unique way to have fun! Farnham is a great community which is at its best when the town comes together – and the Carnival is the perfect opportunity to do just that. It also raises the profile of your group’s activities locally, helps promote any charity you represent – and encourages children and adults to work together in coming up with and developing great ideas. But underpinning it all, just enjoy yourselves!

Yes, unless you don’t wish to be.  Entries are divided into several classes – please see the Categories and Judging tab for full details. Certificates are awarded within each class and there are also the Best in Show Shield, the Henry Liu Trophy and an award for Innovation and Creativity presented by Wise & Co.  

Take a look at ‘Helping you take Part & Parade Rules’, ‘Parade Categories and Judging’ and the Parade Entry Form – all of which are above to download.

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