For the purpose of allowing the Procession to proceed in safety, it will be necessary to close the town centre roads and their approaches. The road closure order to be issued by Waverley Borough Council will be as follows:


West end of Long Garden Way; Beavers Road; Falkner Road; The Hart; West Street (A325) from Crondall Lane to Downing Street/The Borough junction; The Borough (A325); Castle Street from Park Row to the Borough; Bear Lane (A325) from East Street/The Borough junction to Woolmead Road junction; Woolmead Road (A325), East Street (A325) from Woolmead Road junction to Bear Lane/The Borough/South Street junction; South Street (A287) from East Street/The Borough junction to Union Road junction; South Street (northbound) from A31 to Union Road; Union Road (A287); Downing Street (A287); Firgrove Hill from Station Approach Road to Bridge Square; and Long Bridge shall be closed to all vehicular traffic, including pedal cycles, between the hours of 5.30pm and 8.00pm for the carnival parade. 

The junction of Castle Street with The Borough shall additionally be closed to all vehicular traffic, including pedal cycles, between the hours of 5.30pm and 8.00pm.

Special Note Car Parks



The Upper Hart Car Park will be licensed to Carnival from 8.00 am until 8.00 pm on Carnival day.

This means that the Upper Hart Car Park is closed to the public for the entire day as it will be used to assemble the Carnival Procession, comprising around 1000 individuals (mostly young children) and numerous heavy vehicles.

Early warning signs will be displayed in the car park during the week preceding the event.


It should be noted that, in view of the road closure order described above, cars parked in car parks around the Procession route will not be able to exit during the road closure period, 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm.

The affected public car parks will be:

Marlborough Head, Sainsburys (South Street), Central, Waggon Yard, and Waitrose. The Maltings car park access and exit will be restricted to Firgrove Hill only

The Farnham Carnival Committee apologises for any inconvenience caused by these closures, but asks those affected to consider the pleasure provided for thousands of townsfolk by this annual event.