Categories and Judging 

You are invited to submit your entry for the 2017 Farnham Carnival Procession, which will take place on Saturday, 24th June.

Entries for 2017 will be divided into the following classes:



1 - Large vehicles e.g. flat bed lorry, double decker bus (not vintage)

2 - This has currently been merged into Class 1

3 - Decorated trade, commercial & private vehicles

4 - Veteran, vintage & classic vehicles

The above entries may require explicit INSURANCE COVER - see Entry Information note 3. To download the Vehicle Insurance form click here. 


PEDESTRIAN ENTRIES (These may be accompanied by a lead car for music)


5/6 - Large/Small Schools The division between Large and Small Schools will be based on the number of pupils on the school's register at 1st January 2017. The number of entries in each of these two classes will be approximately equal.

7 - Other children's groups 

8 - Adult groups or individuals

9 - Display groups such as bands and majorettes

10 - Groups with animals

Each Class will be judged according to the principles set out below.  Subject to achieving the appropriate standards Entries may be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates..

With the exception of Entries in Class 4 judging will be based on the following:

     25%  Wow Factor

     25% Relevance to the theme ("A Day at the Seaside" for 2017)

     25% Effort

     25% Innovation and Creativity

Entries in Class 4 will be judged 50% on overall appearance and 50% for how the driver and passengers dress in the style of the age of the car and/or the Carnival theme.

Three special Procession awards will be presented by the judges:

The Best in Show Shield will be presented to the overall best Entry in the Procession.  In 2016 this went to the Jubilee Church.

The Henry Liu Trophy will be presented to the overall best Entry from a school but if the Best in Show Shield has been awarded to a school then that school will not be eligible.  St Andrew's School were the proud winners of this in June 2016.

A new Trophy was introduced very successfully in 2015 by Accountants Wise & Co. It is awarded to to either a school or pre-school whose entry shows the most Innovation and Creativity.  The winner will also receive a smaller award which they will be able to keep.  In 2016 this trophy was won by Rowledge School.

Any queries, please contact Alan Hunt on 01252 727399 or 07850 353780