About the Procession 

We all love to see people creating ideas and setting them out before us in some visual presentation. The Carnival Procession has always offered an ideal opportunity to do this. In 2016 we had some 50 floats, entered by schools, youth and charitable organisations, adults groups and businesses.


When and where is the Farnham Carnival Procession? At 6.00 pm on the last Saturday in June the Farnham Carnival Procession leaves the Upper Hart Car Park.  It slowly winds its way around the centre of Farnham before returning to the Hart.  The tail of the procession gets back around 7.30 pm.

Who enters the Farnham Carnival Procession? The answer is simple - Farnham Carnival is for everyone!  We see schools, youth and charitable organisations, clubs, individuals and businesses.  The number of entries is typically around 50.  The entries vary enormously; some include 100+ children, some bring along animals, others involve just a few jovial adults.  There is a wide variety of vehicles - classic and vintage cars, buses, trucks, motor cycles, etc. In other words we welcome almost everyone to create a truly diverse and fun procession.

What is the theme for the Farnham Carnival?  For 2017 the chosen theme is "A Day at the Seaside".  We encourage participants to always interpret the theme as widely and as interestingly as they wish.  


Is there an age limit for entering the Farnham Carnival Procession?  We don't think so.  There have certainly been one year olds wheeled along by their parents and a lady well into her 90's who insisted on walking round the full procession route.  Whatever age the key aim is to have great fun.


What does Farnham want to see?  In summary we all love to see the young and the not so young people creating ideas and showing off their spectacular visual presentations before large numbers of spectators. The Farnham Carnival Procession always offers an ideal opportunity for anyone to do this. 


Why should you enter the Farnham Carnival Procession?  The key answer is to have fun, and then help to raise the town's awareness of your group's activities, to promote a charity you represent, to encourage children and adults to work together developing new ideas are all important. But you should do it primarily to have a great time.


Do you hold a collection, and if so what is the Farnham Carnival Procession Collection for? The money collected by the procession participants as they walk around the route is firstly returned to the organisers.  After counting the entire amount collected is then returned to the schools, youth groups and charities that have taken part.  So if you are a spectator PLEASE give generously, bring a bag of coins although notes are of course also welcome!  Euros are also accepted but please be as generous as you can afford to be!


Are the Farnham Carnival Procession Entries judged?  Yes, unless you do not wish to be.  Entries are divided into several classes. Please see the separate Categories and Judging tab with full details.  Certificates are awarded within each class. Also we present the Best in Show Shield, the Henry Liu Trophy and an award for Innovation and Creativity presented by Wise & Co.  Find out more by reading the Categories and Judging download.


How do we enter into the Farnham Carnival Procession?  Please  download all the information you need to read as well as an entry form.


To be sure of a place, please download, print off and return your "PROCESSION ENTRY FORM" as soon as practicable to "FARNHAM CARNIVAL, 55 GREEN LANE, FARNHAM, GU9 8QE" or scan and email it to alan.hunt@farnhamcarnival.org.uk

For telephone enquires please contact Alan Hunt on 01252 727399 or 07850 353780.  

To download Procession Entry Form. Click Here